VL aviary OPEN 2

Aviary for rearing laying hens

The VL OPEN 2 aviary, designed by CLERICI GINO srl, was created for farming laying hens for the production of eggs.

The technical characteristics and sizing of the aviary fully comply with the requirements of the European Directive, inherent to the well-being of the laying hens. 

VL OPEN 2 was designed with attention to every single construction detail, both in relation to ordinary management by the operator and in order to adapt the structure to the animal’s behavior as best as possible. 

VL OPEN 2 is comprised of a central part, where the LIBAIA model nesting boxes are positioned. (see paragraph Libaia Model Nesting Box). 

The two front areas of the nesting box and an upper one create a large slatted surface to be used by the animal, equipped with feeding systems, drinking troughs and belts for cleaning dejections. 

The various levels of the aviary are inclined, so as to enable the eggs laid outside of the nesting boxes but inside the aviary to roll towards the outside and to be collected using belts or manually.

In the outermost part of the aviary there are small balconies, whose function is to make it easier for the hens to climb up from the ground and into the aviary.

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