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We have been operating for over 50 years in the poultry farming field and, at the right time, we also added the production of cages for rabbit farming.

About us

Birth of the company

Our business began at the beginning of the 1950s when our founder Gino Clerici took the initiative and built the first batteries for farming hens for meat.

Laying hens

Over that period we worked on the design and production of systems for farming laying hens.

Rabbit farming

Following the remarkable development in the farming of rabbits for meat, we extended our product range, also introducing systems for rabbit farming.

New European Directive

With the introduction of the European Directive on the wellbeing of laying hens, we adapted our products, introducing more sophisticated cages and the first systems for free range laying hens with nests and then aviaries.

Clerici Gino today

We have constantly improved our production in line with technological innovation. We have achieved the almost total automation of all the main daily operations.

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Our values

Over 60 years’ experience in the poultry farming field

Our long-standing experience in this field and profound knowledge of the needs of poultry farmers have led to a range of products based on the principles of solidity, rationality and value for money.


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